CloverETL Provides Automated Data Pipeline for Tableau

Once you start building an analytics or business intelligence platform for your operation, you realize - the more data you can bring in, the better insight you get. That's where data integration platforms like CloverETL become the fundamental core, providing continuous and reliable data pipeline keeping your data organized, readily available and up-to-date .

CloverETL is a rapid data integration solution and certified technical partner of Tableau. It fits its users‘ needs when streamlined data tool is required, due to complexity of data flows. It provides usability and intuitive controls, along with a lightweight footprint and flexibility.

Take a look at our one-pager about data preparation.

Key features

CloverETL fully automates and monitors the process of collecting & transforming data. Combined with data quality and extensive connectivity, it creates quality data repositories for all analytics needs.

  • Capability to build self-service data warehouses and analytic data repositories scaling from simple files (TDE) to big data platforms (cloud/on-premise)
  • Provides easy-to-use self-service data integration for time sensitive projects
  • Delivers enterprise data management and orchestration
  • Create tailored business components and rules that require custom code and complexity
  • Validates and cleanses data for analytics
  • Licensed on a one-time fee basis, with annual software maintenance

Connect to Any Data

Connect to any number of different data sources. From small spreadsheets to huge XML feeds. From local data sources, to online or cloud-based data sources. Add new data sources fast and easy.

Delimited flat files Excel XLS MongoDB Google Analytics Tableau TDE 
Fixed-length flat files Structured Excel Hadoop HDFS Netsuite Salesforce
Mixed delimited and fixed JDBC compliant- dBase DBF Facebook SOAP Web Services
Files with headers/sections SQL databases Lotus Domino Twitter REST/HTTP Services
XML, JSON QuickBase LDAP LinkedIn Cobol Copybook

CloverETL does the heavy lifting

CloverETL is the data integration tool of choice for many data analysts and companies implementing business intelligence solutions. Start preparing your data today.

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