Automate Data Integration

From rapid mockup data flow, to full enterprise automation.

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CloverETL is a pure data integration software suite making rapid development and enterprise capabilities available in a light footprint package.

It allows you to efficiently develop, deploy and automate transparent data transformations, from file-to-database loads to automating complex data movement between databases, files and Web Service APIs. It provides an effective blend of rapid visual design of transformations and workflows with full coding customization capabilities and automation.

Who benefits from using CloverETL?

Businesses that combine data from a variety of sources into one or more target applications (reporting, analytics, business intelligence)

Data processing and development teams, driving the need for a transparent, visual ETL solution to automate their data pipelines

Data architects and engineers that need to quickly respond to changes in data structures, formats and data flows without the hassle of coding

What Is Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of bringing together data in diverse formats and varying levels of quality from various sources into the target application, such as analytics, business intelligence, reporting, data warehouses, etc. Typically, the process—usually involving larger amounts of data—faces many challenges regarding performance, ease and speed of development, orchestration of multiple steps into a master workflow, and monitoring and supportability of the solution. Software platforms formerly known mostly as ETL tools have evolved from extract-transform-load tasks often associated with the data warehousing world into fully-automated, managed platforms that provide broader connection options like cloud data sources, NoSQL, big data storage, and more, and are more oriented towards ease of use and transparency of the data process.

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Businesses choose CloverETL for its usability and intuitive controls, along with its lightweight footprint, flexibility, and processing speed.

  • Ease of use

    Straightforward user interface, hassle-free installation and small footprint.

  • Rapid Development

    No need to create data models, just explore data and prototype transformations.

  • Automation

    Powerful workflow engine, with triggering, scheduling, monitoring and API automation.

  • Great Support

    We're an experienced team of data specialist and ETL developers ready to help you finish your project.

  • Flexibility

    We know enterprise software must offer extension points and facilities to get things done

To see how far things have come in such a short period of time is a real testament to what can be built on top of a foundation like CloverETL.

Cory van der Jagt, Senior Director / Solutions Provider, GoodData   →  Watch Video

CloverETL is designed to meet requirements of both IT professionals and self-service business users.

  • IT Services Professionals

    CloverETL allows me to build true enterprise solutions. It's a robust platform where I can build my own tools, generate templates, inject custom code easily into every piece along the way, yet keep everything in a manageable state.

  • Business Analysts

    CloverETL Designer is a visual easy to use tool that took me only couple hours to learn and produce data sets I needed for my work. I was amazed by how quickly I was able to get data that I otherwise would have to get from our developers in a much longer time.

  • Data Warehouse / Data Mart Architects

    CloverETL is set up to work the way that I think. It’s very simple to learn, and you can look at everything you’re trying to do visually.

  • Small Data-driven Teams

    CloverETL is a really well-built enterprise tool. Flexibility and the learning curve are some of the things I really liked about Clover.

Leading companies using CloverETL


CloverETL feeding data into Cloud Business Intelligence platform.

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