Data Migration

An evolving organization usually requires changing computer systems or upgrading new ones. There could be compatibility issues between legacy systems, platforms, and databases that make transferring data difficult. Trying to keep old and new systems running could require an increase of human resources working on exhausting tasks or a rise in operating costs. Outdated systems handling critical data and slowing data transfer speeds could cause your organization to lose a competitive edge.

Data Migration Scheme

CloverETL makes trouble-free import of various data format possible. To ensure that daily operations, ERP systems, and other vital company systems are not affected or disrupted, CloverETL offers all the tools to achieve data migration:

  • Library of components for consolidating, cleansing, and updating data
  • Connections to read various data sources (Complex data files, databases, etc.)
  • Detailed plan formulation with help from our Professional Services
  • User-friendly graphical interface for designing, implementing, and testing


  • Decreased processing times
  • Reduced potential for data loss
  • Lowered system operating costs
  • Enhanced and consolidated data
  • Reduced manpower

Case Study

Take a look at CloverETL’s Data Migration Case Study, which demonstrates how CloverETL migrated customer data from diverse legacy systems to SAP.