Address Validation with AddressDoctor

CloverETL coupled with AddressDoctor allows you to verify, clean, or modify various postal address formats directly inside your data transformation. It gives you access to data standardized by national postal services from all around the world.  The postal data is updated on a regular basis, enabling AddressDoctor 5 to access the most up-to-date address formats for any country you want.

Address Standardization

Address standardization is the process of formatting and validating address data according to standards from postal agencies world-wide. It also includes delivering correct address data to applications or business processes that need it, and maintaining standardized address data as it changes over time.

Through performing standardization, you can, for example, retrieve records from a list of international customers in order to create mailing accurate and uniform labels. Addresses can be also abbreviated to fit postal labels with a given width. Abbreviation rules of AddressDoctor 5 ensure no important address field is lost (e.g. Avenue → Ave, Street → St and vice versa).


Geocoding involves finding geographic coordinates, expressed as latitude and longitude, and appending them to your address.

Geocoding is beneficial for both planning routes and evaluating distance. Additionally, it is useful during risk assessment for insurance businesses. AddressDoctor 5 offers automated geocode enrichment in the WGS 84 format.

Because the enrichment of addresses with geocodes is more successful if addresses are cleaned, AddressDoctor 5 ensures that addresses are fully correct before geocodes are appended. This improves not only the quality but also the accuracy of the coordinate information.


Transliteration is the process of transcribing words or text from one writing system or character set to another (for example, transcribing Japanese characters to a Latin alphabet), usually based on phonetic equivalences. Transliteration refers only to changes in the writing system, and does not include translation.

AddressDoctor 5 is an invaluable aide for non-native speakers working with strings in almost all character sets for languages such as Japanese, Russian, or Greek.

Getting AddressDoctor 5 To Work

In CloverETL, you can use the AddressDoctor 5 component to configure a connection to external address manipulation libraries. These libraries are essential for the component to work. Once you have them, you will enjoy all the benefits of having Address Doctor 5 as a Transformer in CloverETL. If using it in conjunction with a Reader (e.g. LotusReader) and a Writer (e.g. XMLWriter), you will be able to perform more complex ETL tasks than if you were to use AddressDoctor 5 as a standalone software.

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