Partnering with CloverETL

If you're a solution provider for Business Intelligence (BI), Master Data Management (MDM) or Data Integration (DI), you can greatly benefit from implementing our CloverETL OEM Foundation and Licensing Program.

Why CloverETL OEM Makes Sense

BI, MDM, BPM and many data management driven solutions are built upon a data integration layer responsible for delivering and integrating data from many sources. Ingest of complex data formats can really be challenging. Today, many BI and MDM providers have stopped spending the time and effort it takes to develop their own data integration tool. Instead, they focus on core business and let CloverETL do the work.

CloverETL is a great fit and can be easily embedded into various products and solutions.

Some benefits our OEM partners enjoy are:

  • A combination package of an ETL engine, designer or server
  • Easy customizability and extensible licenses
  • Platform independence
  • High performance, scalability from small to large sets of data
  • Easy extendability by new custom-specific functionality
  • An option to white-label

Freddy May, ApplicationCraft founder and CEO, discusses embedding CloverETL into his product with the OEM Foundation Program 

Customer Solutions Using CloverETL OEM

IBM Initiate Master Data Service

IBM Master Data Service provides for seamless Master Data Management for healthcare. Assemble a virtual view of master data from existing systems.

IBM Initiate MDS Site →

Dave Wilkinson, VP, Infosphere MDM Development at IBM:

"CloverETL has been a powerful data integration software core that enables quicker project implementation and faster performance. With a low cost buy-in and a scalable architecture, it represents the best value in the market today in the growing Business Intelligence arena."

Casenet TruCare

TruCare is innovative care management software designed for healthcare management. TruCare empowers health providers by dramatic productivity improvement and reduces tedious administration in case, disease, and utilization management.

Casenet →

Marek Vesely, Casenet’s CTO:

"TruCare is a Java-based application and we were looking for an ETL OEM software with an easy-to-use Java interface because it allowed us to develop solutions using an Eclipse IDE. CloverETL really fit well because it scales so easily and offered the best ROI. After deep testing and proof of concept, CloverETL met all our requirements and came out on top."

CloverETL OEM Program

All parts of the CloverETL Platform, the Engine, Designer, and Server, are ready for embedding on an OEM basis. A typical use case would use the Engine and Server as part of the embedded solution with the Designer being used for development of data transformations.

Read more about our OEM approach. CloverETL is available in three modes: embedded, partner, or white-labeled. 

CloverETL OEM Foundation Program

The OEM Foundation Program is critical to the success of a partnership because it provides the basis for how CloverETL will be integrated into the offer by the OEM partner. It is a team effort to decide how the CloverETL engine and data integration will be architected and tested.

Elements include:

  • CloverETL Engine integration into OEM product
  • Testing and certification of CloverETL into OEM product
  • CloverETL Designer licenses
  • CloverETL training with development team – onsite worldwide
  • CloverETL documentation

OEM Licensing

CloverETL licensing is based upon volume – of number of engines predicted over an agreed time period of the OEM offer. The commercial license is a classic share to gain model. Each side benefits when more units are sold: the OEM gets a tiered pricing advantage and the CloverETL team sells more licenses.

Key elements include:

  • End-user license agreement
  • OEM partner license agreement and product indemnification
  • Volume pricing for different configurations

Support and Services

We offer two support options for OEM. Our technical support is designed to save you time and ensure you achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability, and uptime. Standard OEM Support and Premium OEM Support are available.

Support is a major part of the licensing program. It provides direct access to our dedicated support team, as well as classic software maintenance and upgrades to keep CloverETL at the heart of market needs.

Key elements include:

  • CloverETL software maintenance and upgrades
  • Customization and services available on a daily rate basis

Customized for Your Use

An OEM partnership is an unique one. We want to make sure CloverETL fits perfectly as part of your solution. That's why we offer customized options to make the most of the OEM relationship.

  • Custom Software Development
    • Sponsored features – with this option, discuss how to work within the CloverETL development roadmap with your desired features
    • Customer-specific features – we are ready to develop any needed customizations and extensions for the CloverETL platform
  • Clover Troubleshooting Training – training aimed at partner’s support force
  • Expertise in Deployment – an on-site expert helps with issues related to CloverETL during deployment of a partner product or solution