Robustness & Monitoring

Ensure a smooth and steady data solution

Running enterprise-level applications means that things are working and moving continuously. Thus, it's essential to monitor operations and fix exceptions quickly and effectively.


Running multiple ETL jobs is crucial to many ongoing business operations. That's why we keep robustness and monitoring in mind when building the CloverETL Server. Many features allow you to continuously monitor what's happening and alert you if something goes wrong.

The CloverETL Server can also be configured to run in a fail-over cluster mode when the failure of one node does not cause the ETL service to stop—running jobs are automatically restarted, and the rest of the cluster keeps serving user requests.

Monitoring and History

The CloverETL Server keeps a full history of executed jobs, including logs, and allows various jobs to be scheduled for execution. It has many types of event listeners that can react to job completion/failure, the arrival of a message, the appearance of a new file, and others.

If you need to include the Server into your enterprise-wide scheduling or monitoring system, CloverETL offers a wide range of APIs for that (from the simple HTTP/REST to SOAP or Java JMX).

In addition, CloverCARE Support provides the best in technical support when you need it, whether you have a question on the technical setup or need guidance with performance optimization.

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