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CloverETL started as an open-source project and the spirit of openness is a staple of the commercial products. We provide practically endless means for you to extend the base product, depending on your needs.

Two main themes of our technology are the usage of standards and modularity. It starts with CloverETL Engine which is plugin-based, continues with the CloverETL Designer which is based on Eclipse and its plugin model, and concludes with the CloverETL Server with its OSGi extendibility running as standard Web application inside any stock J2EE Container.

Extending Product Capabilities
  • Incorporate custom-built Java classes and code into various standard components
  • Develop and integrate your own custom transformation components, including their custom UI in the Designer
  • Extend the library of transformation procedures included in built-in Clover Transformation Language (CTL)
  • Implement handlers of communication protocols or parsers/formatters of special data formats
  • Change the look & feel of both the Designer and the Server (OEM)
  • Extend the CloverETL Server functionality by implementing OSGi based plugins accessing server's APIs.

Need to see the source? The core part of CloverETL Engine is also available under the open source license; thus, you have full visibility to the source code for better understanding of our internals or inspiration. Developing your own CloverETL extensions then becomes quite easy | CloverETL Open Source ›

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