CloverETL gives IT teams, data engineers, and data ops teams a portfolio of power tools for rapid data movement and transformation, enterprise manageability and clear visibility into data connections between systems and applications.

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CloverETL helps you solve challenges and create solutions in:

We're a pure data integration platform. We take pride in our focus on delivering a dedicated, open and robust data integration platform with a light footprint, no bloated features, that you can easily adopt within your technology stack and team skillset.

With CloverETL, you can build and maintain data integration processes from a simple migration on your desktop, to large deployments with dozens of automated work flows operating hundreds of data transformations, processing hundreds of millions of records.

Whether you are providing a service with data at its core and you need to feed and groom data within, or you're responsible for delivering data across your organisation, CloverETL saves you time and effort by providing a reliable foundation, out-of-the-box connectivity and built-in workflow automation and monitoring.


  • Easy To Get started

    We know the speed of every step you have to go through is important - it starts with installation and ends with actual data processing performance. Even though CloverETL is an extensive enterprise platform and you’d expect it to be overwhelming, it actually takes only a few hours to get fully started, even without prior understanding of data integration tools. We provide online learning materials as well as training packages and knowledgeable support from our consultants to help you get started quickly.

  • Get the job done. Creativity is the only limit.

    CloverETL is a flexible tool for hard problems. We are confident you will find a way to solve virtually any task at hand. We can say that because of our customers who have gone that path and succeeded. People have been using CloverETL in the most peculiar ways, generating data transformations on the fly using the built-in XML capabilities, dynamically creating metadata, running transformations based on rules defined in a database, orchestrating external systems and legacy utilities, automatically managing database schemas from CloverETL, and so on.

  • Flexibility

    We’re often amazed how people get creative and what fascinating solutions they implement. CloverETL comes with open definitions for everything you’ll ever find in the system - transformation graphs sources are plain human-friendly XMLs, metadata, shareable component configurations - all comes as text files. Together with endless hooks available for coding in Java or scripting in proprietary CTL (simple shorthand for data records), you get a data framework rather than a boxed solution.

  • Rapid Development

    The core of CloverETL is simplicity and visual approach to designing data transformations and workflows. In addition to that, you get a lot of visual cues and helpers to move forward quickly. CloverETL is an engine-based system which gives you effective validation of your work on the fly, clear error messages instead of underlying stack traces and exceptions. In CloverETL Designer, you can immediately see the data you’re working with, test new components, check errors, debug and fix code immediately.

  • Instant visibility

    Definitely one of the great advantages of data integration tools is visibility into the data you are working with. During development, simply by clicking checkpoints, you can instantly compare the data sets or check what’s in your data flow. Combined with the visual approach to building data transformation, this also gives a comprehensible level of transparency into the processes to everyone involved.

  • Light footprint

    CloverETL is purely focused on data integration and ancillary tools supporting data movement and orchestration. The Server component is a light J2EE app running in a container, no bloated features, extra modules or special installation requirements. We have even tested CloverETL Server to run on a Raspberry PI! Even though we recommend something at least a bit beefier, it runs both on physical machines and in virtualized environments.

  • Data and Apps in the Cloud

    Nowadays, data often live behind APIs either in cloud or on-premise. CloverETL gives you tools to orchestrate the process of talking to any REST or SOAP Web Service, from authentication handshake, through sequencing multiple calls and tracking errors should they appear, all the way to complicated looping through paged results, parsing data structures and connection throttling.

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CloverETL suite

With CloverETL…

  • you save time and money by eliminating tedious tasks involved in data preparation
  • you get enterprise data management and orchestration
  • you can build tailored business components and rules that hide custom code and complexity
  • it’s easy to add data validation and cleansing

And also, CloverETL…

  • connects to any type of data source and target
  • adheres to open architecture and standards
  • is cross-platform Java (Windows, Mac, Linux)