Data Integration

Do you have disparate sources of data which you need to integrate to get a unified view of your enterprise? What if you need to not only bring in data from databases, Excel sheets, Web services, and text files, but also apply complicated business rules in order to extract new information? Without data integration, these heterogeneous reference points and tedious processes prove difficult to manage.

Data Integration

The CloverETL platform offers a palette of components to help bring all the necessary pieces of information together:

  • Readers/writers for access to many data sources
  • Library of transformers for modifying and reformatting
  • Join components for merging related data

In addition, Professional Services are available for optimizing a data integration solution within your enterprise.


  • Reduces manual workload and time
  • Enables communication among incompatible systems
  • Optimizes process for data interpretation
  • Creates a single, consistent view for business critical data
  • Increases development efficiency

Case Study

Read our CloverETL Data Integration Case Study to see how a solution built in CloverETL helped one of our customers allocate and optimize telephone costs.