CloverETL Training

The CloverETL training program is offered in two main packages – Standard and Advanced. Additional Training Modules are available for more specific training and can be tailored to customer's learning needs.

The CloverETL Technical Training is conducted as an integrated, hands-on session with a CloverETL consultant, ranging from a daylong session to a 5-day workshop. The program utilizes presentation materials and full documentation.

What makes the training valuable?

In person, on-site

We only offer on-site training because we believe this is the most effective way to bring you up to the right performance level to successfully harness the potential of CloverETL.

Crafted to your needs

Since training is provided and tailored specifically for your company members, we focus on topics and questions that will have the highest importance and value for your work.

Real-world approach

The training aims at solving real issues. While training still provides the necessary theoretical background, our instructors and consultants have an arsenal of real world examples to approach your specific situation. Take advantage of their extensive past experience to help you and your practical understanding.

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Training Packages

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A team of experts worldwide...

CloverETL instructors work actively as consultants at Javlin, participating in customer solutions and solving real world problems. They are backed with true know-how and experience of how CloverETL can solve real, complex data issues.

Jiri Harazim- Senior CloverETL consultant

Jiri Harazim
Senior Consultant & Master CloverETL Trainer

Jiri has been with Javlin since 2013. He has worked on data integration projects with large corporate customers and then focused on delivering top quality CloverETL trainings for individuals and teams. His consulting experience greatly helps fine tune the training sessions exactly to the needs of the target audience.