CloverETL 4.6.0 (Milestone 1)

This milestone version is no longer supported/available.
For the corresponding production release, please go to CloverETL 4.6 Release Notes.

CloverETL 4.6 Milestone 1 brings automatic debugging on edges, Server Console improvements and an interactive tutorial for newbies.

In this release, we're making the development of transformations much more streamlined by removing the need to turn on the "debug" mode on edges. From now on, you simply don't have to worry about that—you can design your transformation, run it, and then inspect data on any edge right away. By default, all edges now collect the first thousand records (or 1MB) of the data automatically.

Additionally we're improving the user experience by adding more detailed information to Event Listeners. We've also increased the performance of the Executions History view.

Lastly, we're adding an interactive tutorial to improve the experience for new users who are just starting with CloverETL. Try it yourself from Help → Welcome menu!

About this release: This is a milestone release that we publish as a preview of the upcoming CloverETL 4.6 version. You can expect the production-ready release in summer 2017.

Milestone versions are not recommended as a production upgrade. However, some clients successfully run applications using the milestone releases without trouble.

Released Apr 11, 2017
  • Milestone
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New features in 4.6 Milestone 1

Edges automatically collect sample data (debugging on all edges)

You no longer have to turn "debugging" mode on to collect data on edges—it's on by default now.

All edges now collect a sample (up to the first 1,000 records / 1MB) of data whenever the transformation is running in Designer. When you deploy the transformation to Server, no edge data is collected (this was the case in previous versions too).

Additional debug modes (debug all records / custom sampling and filtering / turn off completely ) are available. The edge in existing graphs with debug mode previously enabled will switch to "Debug all records" mode to retain the same functionality as before.

CloverETL - Automatic Edge Debugging

Event Listeners monitoring details

In Event Listeners, you can now view monitoring details (last execution time, number of successful and failed executions) for all your listeners.

CloverETL - Event Listeners monitoring details

Performance increase in Executions History view

Filtering and browsing Execution History with lots of records (hundreds of thousands) is now much faster.


We've made some minor changes that might affect backwards compatibility.

Newly created projects and sandboxes now have default encoding set to UTF-8 (previously it was system dependent).

Also, we've updated the bundled Java in Designer to JDK 8u121.

Quick tutorial for newcomers

We're making it easier for new users to get familiar with the core concepts of CloverETL in a guided tutorial that's available directly from the welcome page (Help > Welcome, if you want to try it yourself). We hope the addition of this tutorial will help newcomers learn the basics quickly without having to leave the Designer environment for a (rather boring) study before being able to design their own data transformations.

CloverETL - Quick Tutorial

Installation/Upgrade Instructions for CloverETL 4.6 (Milestone)

To help you install or upgrade to this version, we've prepared a simple checklist:

Before You Upgrade

  • This is a milestone release. We recommend you install this version on a test Server first and use it as a preview of upcoming features and for development. Milestone releases are not supported for production use.

  • Be sure to check the "Compatibility" notes for ALL intermediary releases. We mark all changes that can potentially alter the function of your existing transformations with a "Compatibility" label to make it easier for you. You can safely ignore most of them, as we try hard to keep as much backwards compatibility as we can. There's a comprehensive list of all releases that will help you get the information quickly.
  • Upgrade Designer and Server together. We always release Designer and Server together under a single version. It's highly recommended to upgrade Server and Designer at the same time. Although using different versions of Designer to connect to Server might work, it is not generally supported.
  • There are no incremental patches. We don't release incremental patches. Every upgrade is in fact a full installation that, if installed over older version, will automatically update whatever is necessary in your workspaces, sandboxes, and Server databases as needed.
  • Don't forget to backup. Although none of the above upgrade steps requires explicit backup, we recommend you always back up your work. The upgrade will keep all your transformations, jobflows, and configurations safe. However, as a good word of advice, it never hurts to have a backup.

Designer Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. If you no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Install the new version of Designer. You can install Designer over your existing installation. The process will automatically clean up the old version. Don't worry, you will NOT lose your workspaces, graphs, and transformations. However, if you installed some additional plugins to Designer (Eclipse plugins) you might need to reinstall them. Eclipse should automatically help you do that. When you start the application, point it to your existing workspace directory. With some major releases, we may notify you about upgrading the workspace to the latest version. In such cases, you won't be able to use the workspace with previous versions. Thus, be sure to upgrade all Designers if you're sharing the workspace.
  • Activate the product on first start. You will need a new key as we issue new license keys for every new major version (i.e. from 4.2 to 4.3). However, if you're on our maintenance program, we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the download area again and copy/paste the license keys from there. If you can't find the latest keys, please contact us to renew your product maintenance.

Server Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. You'll find Server in the same list as Designer downloads. If you no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Plan for downtime. Upgrading Server requires downtime, so plan your upgrades in advance. If you're running multiple environments, upgrade the non-production installation first and run all your checks there first.
  • Follow step-by-step Server Upgrade Guide. We've prepared detailed instructions on how to properly shut down Server and install a new one. Server will upgrade its database and sandboxes from any previous version automatically.
  • Activate the product on the login screen of Server Console. The license key changes with every major version (i.e. from 4.2 to 4.3) and we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the download area again and copy/paste the license key from there.

Detailed list of improvements and fixes in 4.6 (Milestone 1)

Designer Improvements

Automatic debugging on edges during development in Designer. All edges are now set to collect samples of data (1,000 records or up to 1MB) during execution. You can still turn full debugging on (all records) or turn it off completely per individual edge.
New feature CLO-10569 4.6.0-M1
Improved "Find component" widget in the Palette.
Improvement CLO-10562 4.6.0-M1
Designer installer no longer hangs during the final "initialization" phase.
Fix CLO-10548 4.6.0-M1
License activation now accepts license keys without BEGIN and END lines.
Improvement CLO-10559 4.6.0-M1

Server Improvements

Event Listeners now show overview counts for successful/failed executions.
New Feature CLO-10134 4.6.0-M1
The performance of Executions History view has been improved for large amounts of records (hundreds of thousands).
Improvement CLO-10596 4.6.0-M1
Task History now shows the number of occurences of a repeating failure.
New Feature CLO-10239 4.6.0-M1


ListFiles has a new parameter "List directory contents" True(default)/False. This works as an equivalent to "ls -d" and lists the directory itself (e.g. to check its existence) instead of listing its contents.
New Feature CLO-7082 4.6.0-M1


New projects in Designer are set to UTF-8 encoding by default.
Compatibility New Feature CLO-10539 4.6.0-M1
Designer installation package updated to JDK 8u121
Compatibility New Feature CLO-10539 4.6.0-M1

ETL Developers (This item is most useful for developers; it either brings new functionality for transforming data or brings optimizations)

Administrators (This item is an improvement or feature that will help setup, install, administer and manage the application)

Support (This item helps staff supporting the production operation to identify potential problems or avoid such)