CloverETL 4.1.2

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Building on the foundations of CloverETL 4.1, this update focuses on improvements in the user experience with CloverETL. The main improvements are a new Data Inspector functionality and the support of rich text in the notes.

Released Feb 25, 2016
  • Production
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New features in CloverETL 4.1.2

Data Inspector

Enhances the potential to debug transformations. It allows you to see data running through components, or the edge, in real time - and to work with data directly.
4.1.2 lets you filter, sort and copy and paste data you need.

CloverETL DataInspector

Rich text notes

Rich formatting in notes lets you better document your graphs and jobflows, to make them easier to understand for members of your team. Allows multiple heading styles, sizes, colors and links into transformations, elements, external hyperlinks, and more.

CloverETL Rich Text notes

Improved permission control in CloverETL Server

You can now configure Launch Service to allow users to run transformations, without giving them read access to the serves (For instance – if it contains sensitive data)

Detailed list of improvements and fixes

ETL Developers (This item is most useful for developers; it either brings new functionality for transforming data or brings optimizations)

Administrators (This item is an improvement or feature that will help setup, install, administer and manage the application)

Support (This item helps staff supporting the production operation to identify potential problems or avoid such)

Features  [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

Execute launch service without read permission on server New CLO-7705 4.1.2
RichText formatting support in notes New Compatibility CLO-7361 4.1.2
Data Inspector view New CLO-6200 4.1.2

Improvements   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

SpreadsheetDataReader looses precision when reading numbers into strings Improvement CLO-8007 4.1.2
Allow copy from Data Inspector to clipboard Improvement CLO-7592 4.1.2
View data export with headers Improvement CLO-7021 4.1.2
Outline element copy/paste could produce element with distinct name Improvement CLO-7498 4.1.2

Fixes   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

WebServiceClient does not respect HTTP headers in properties Fix CLO-7695 4.1.2
Populate parent record does not work when an element is mapped to a field with the same name Fix Compatibility CLO-7984 4.1.2
Saving console output of a graph run into a file does not work Fix CLO-7666 4.1.2
Sorting by Event source doesnt work in Task history Fix CLO-7617 4.1.2
Flot performance issues Fix CLO-7405 4.1.2