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CloverETL 4.0 introduces subgraphs, a powerful way of creating user-defined components that let you hide complexity and design data transformations on a much higher level, using business components rather than low-level data operations. Also, the new features that support subgraphs are very useful on their own – automatic metadata propagation reduces the need to manage metadata in transformations, while the execution view panel gives you easier access to debug information for faster development.

Released June 10, 2015
  • Production
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4.7.1 Nov 28, 2017
4.6.1 July 19, 2017
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Reduce complexity, create business-level components, share your expertise. Create new components without programming. Wrap complex functionality into a simple interface.

Create new data sources and targets

Embed connections, metadata and other properties into subgraphs and share them with others.

Focus on business logic

Create a library of your business logic components, rather than low-level data processing functions.

Reduce complexity

Wrap logical parts of large transformations together into steps that you can easily drill into.

Share your expertise

Solve hard problems and share the solution with others. Everyone can contribute.

  • New Feature

Automatic Metadata Propagation

Metadata are now automatically
assigned to edges when possible.

Save time and effort

No need to assign metadata to every edge – they are determined based on the component and its surroundings.

Reuse transformations

Changes automatically propagate through complex transformations, making them easier to reuse.

Distribute with subgraphs

Metadata embedded into subgraphs are readily available in upstream transformations, with no linking needed.

  • New Feature

Execution View Panel

View execution history and visually access debugging data for subgraphs and jobflows.

Real-time tracking

Watch data in real time as it flows through your transformation or jobflow.

Access stored debug data

Just double-click any layer of subgraphs or nested jobflow, and inspect collected debug data.

Troubleshoot finished runs

Connect to jobs executed by the Server and visually inspect what data flowed through successfully, in order to find potential problem areas.

  • New Feature

Tableau TDE Support

Create Tableau Extract files (TDE), directly enabling rapid data preparation and development.

Detailed list of improvements and fixes

ETL Developers (This item is most useful for developers; it either brings new functionality for transforming data or brings optimizations)

Administrators (This item is an improvement or feature that will help setup, install, administer and manage the application)

Support (This item helps staff supporting the production operation to identify potential problems or avoid such)


Fixes - Engine   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

Fixed: CloverDataWriter may report invalid checksum on append Fix CLO-6015 4.0.5
Fixed: ExecuteMapReduce ignores the username from the connection Fix CLO-6417 4.0.5
Fixed: Different behavior of DBInputTable with declared variable in TSQL between versions Fix CLO-6413 4.0.5
Fixed: DBOutputTable prevents final commit when Commit=MAX_INT Fix CLO-6100 4.0.5
Fixed: HTTPConnector returns WARN message even when successful status code is received Fix CLO-6152 4.0.5

Fixes - Designer   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

Fixed: Heavy logging causes Designer to crash Fix CLO-6317 4.0.5
Fixed: Crashing proxy process can kill the graph Fix CLO-6243 4.0.5
Fixed: Extract metadata from SFTP does not work: File does not exist Fix CLO-6175 4.0.5
Fixed: Inconsistent behavior between 3.5 and 4.0 when a local project name contains a space Fix CLO-6097 4.0.5
Fixed: SpreadsheetDataReader and SpreadsheetDataWriter - mapping not possible with propagated metadata Fix CLO-5974 4.0.5
Fixed: Error when opening Allocation dialog on component Fix CLO-5968 4.0.5
Fixed: Error in View Data, grid mode on Reader with propagated metadata Fix CLO-5960 4.0.5
Fixed: 'Validate connection' button doesn't work with SSL connections when using custom JDBC properties Fix CLO-5908 4.0.5
Fixed: Updating bundled Designer using 'Check for updates' from an update site does not update all clover plugins Fix CLO-5895 4.0.5
Fixed: Dialog for Metadata extraction from XSD should warn user when no element is defined in XSD Fix CLO-6242 4.0.5
Fixed: XSLTransformer on OS X - values in XSLT mapping are not applied unless confirmed by clicking somewhere else Fix CLO-6190 4.0.5

Fixes - Server   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

Fixed: Files out of the sandbox must be inaccessible when using sandbox relative paths Compatibility Fix CLO-6046 4.0.5
Improvement: Handle "running" jobs of the lost cluster node Improvement CLO-5721 4.0.5
Fixed: Some graph event listeners do not trigger their jobs Fix CLO-6326 4.0.5
Fixed: CloverSecurityException is swallowed when multiple users are found in LDAP structure Fix CLO-6228 4.0.5
Fixed: Cannot see old clover logs after server migration from 3.5.2 to 4.0.4 Fix CLO-5903 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - zero-length password should not be allowed for LDAP authentication Compatibility Fix CLO-6089 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - only internally verified and registered session token is valid Fix CLO-6047 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - Server Console forms are vulnerable to CSRF Fix CLO-5898 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - move value of cookie "urlToRedirectAfterLogin" to the session Fix CLO-5897 4.0.5





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