CloverETL 4.0.0-M2 further improves subgraphs

Building on the first milestone, this release further explores the subgraphs feature. Subgraphs allow you to encapsulate a piece of a data transformation and reuse it somewhere else or share with your teammates. This release brings subgraphs capability to standalone Designer, eliminating the need of the Server to run subgraphs. Additional usability enhancements polish the Designer UI of subgraphs making graphs easier to share by defining clear configuration interface.

Released July 31, 2014
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Subgraphs [ See All | Hide All ]

Subgraph functionality extended to standalone Designer New CLO-4393 4.0.0-M2
Subgraphs can now be developed, used and executed in Designer - with the new Runtime it's not necessary to use Server for subgraph execution.
Improved subgraph editor Improvement CLO-3630 4.0.0-M2
Editor of subgraphs was improved for ease of use and clarity.
Configure subgraphs as components New CLO-3548 4.0.0-M2
When using subgraphs you can configure them as ordinary components - they have properties with configuration dialogs. Internally the subgraphs utilize the extended model of graph parameters to define their configuration.

New Designer Runtime [ See All | Hide All ]

New Runtime layer in Designer New CLO-4392 4.0.0-M2
Graphs executed within Designer are executed by a new CloverETL Runtime. The runtime builds upon CloverETL Engine and provides support for subgraphs, better execution tracking and more.
Improved Execution user interface New CLO-4466 4.0.0-M2
A new Execution View was introduced that shows the current execution status of a running graph and its sub jobs (e.g. subgraphs). You can access details such as the graph file, log and tracking information by double clicking on a job.

Extended graph parameters [ See All | Hide All ]

Public graph parameters Improvement CLO-4396 4.0.0-M2
Selected graph parameters can be marked as public. For subgraphs, these parameters are presented as properties of the parent subgraph component. This allows for easy configuration of a subgraph, making it feel like a component.
Graph parameters have a type Improvement CLO-3555 4.0.0-M2
A new 'type' property of a graph parameter is used to choose correspoding user interface/dialog for editing the parameter - e.g. URL dialog, key selection etc.
CTL2 as parameter value Improvement CLO-3600 4.0.0-M2
CTL2 can be used to dynamically compute the value of graph parameters.
Editor for parameter files New CLO-2942 4.0.0-M2
Graph parameters editor can now be used to edit external parameter files.
Content assist for server parameters Improvement CLO-1968 4.0.0-M2
Content assist in CTL also proposes runtime parameters injected by Server.

Features & Improvements [ See All | Hide All ]

Launch Service parameter names are derived from dictionary Improvement CLO-3912 4.0.0-M2
Automatically set parameter name based on selected dictionary entry name.
Added a new toolbar in the Edit Component dialog with common actions Improvement CLO-3754 4.0.0-M2
Actions for working with graph parameters, custom component properties and other are now accessible in the Edit Component dialog via a new toolbar.
Jobs can have an execution label defined Improvement CLO-3604 4.0.0-M2
You can dynamically set an execution label for each job to better distinguish it. The label is also set automatically from the executing component name - e.g. from the name of Subgraph component.
Improved edge routing algorithm Improvement CLO-3429 4.0.0-M2
Improved the user interface of AddressDoctor component Improvement CLO-3699 4.0.0-M2
The AddressDoctor mapping dialog is simplified and easier to use.
Improved performance of CloverDataReader (removed unnecessary deserialization) Improvement CLO-2655 4.0.0-M2
Added new allocation type (run on all nodes) Improvement Cluster CLO-2510 4.0.0-M2
Simplifies scaling in Cluster - this new allocation type automatically uses newly added cluster nodes.
Highlight unused objects in Outline Improvement CLO-3704 4.0.0-M2
Outline shows objects with grey color in case they are not used in the graph. This makes it easy to find old unused metadata, connections etc.
Better defaults of DataGenerator Improvement CLO-3214 4.0.0-M2
DataGenerator can be used without configuration. It generates one empty record by default.
Sleep component without connected ports Improvement CLO-4164 4.0.0-M2
Sleep component now works without any connected port too.
Better metadata editing using keyboard Improvement CLO-3888 4.0.0-M2

Fixes [ See All | Hide All ]

Fixed sanboxes.home not being accessible during initial deploy, Server not starting after restart Fix CLO-3100 4.0.0-M2
Fixed asterisk in Samba URL causing unexpected behavior Fix CLO-4062 4.0.0-M2
Fixed AddressDoctor configuration dialogs missing some options Fix CLO-3377 4.0.0-M2
Fixed updates to properties not reflected unless confirmed by clicking somewhere else (on OSX) Fix Mac OS CLO-3070 4.0.0-M2
Fixed job type icon sometimes not displayed in Server Console Fix CLO-3067 4.0.0-M2

Compatibility [ See All | Hide All ]

CloverETL Server supports Tomcat 7 Compatibility CLO-3734 4.0.0-M2
CloverETL Designer is bundled with Eclipse 4.3 Compatibility CLO-3752 4.0.0-M2
New Runtime for Designer Compatibility CLO-4392 4.0.0-M2
The new Runtime instance in Designer is shared among all executed graphs in one session - impacts configuration of JVM parameters, memory settings etc.
XLSDataReader and XLSDataWriter are deprecated Compatibility CLO-2823 4.0.0-M2
XMLExtract: explicit mapping has priority over implicit automap by name Compatibility CLO-2029 4.0.0-M2
Accessing non-existent tracking field in jobflow output mapping fails Compatibility CLO-1872 4.0.0-M2
Subgraph debug input and output components identified by position in graph Compatibility CLO-4470 4.0.0-M2
Incompatibility with 4.0.0-M1 subgraphs - debug input/output components are identified by position instead of the way they are connected. Designer automatically updates and fixes the subgraphs.