CloverETL 4.0.0M1 Introduces Subgraphs

The first milestone in the development of the next generation of the CloverETL platform is here! We’re launching subgraphs – a great improvement for performing complex transformations, and for sharing your work among your team.

This release starts off a brand new CloverETL 4 series, featuring advances in design, collaboration, and user experience. In this release, we’ve started by introducing subgraphs, plus a couple of accompanying features.

A subgraph lets you create new components without coding. Just design a transformation, describe its inputs and outputs using metadata, and wrap it into a subgraph. Then, you can reuse it for multiple transformations or share it with your colleagues. Read this blog post for more about subgraphs and other improvements.

Released April 10, 2014
  • Milestone
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Subgraphs [ See All | Hide All ]

Subgraph support in Server runtime New CLO-218 4.0.0-M1
Server supports execution of graphs containing subgraphs (graphs that can be used similarly to components).
Editing of subgraphs in Designer New CLO-218 4.0.0-M1
You can create and develop new subgraphs in Designer as .sgrf files.
Wrapping components into new subgraphs New CLO-2897 4.0.0-M1
You can select a bunch of components and easily create a new subgraph based on them.
Automatic metadata propagation New CLO-1475 4.0.0-M1
Many components now automatically propagate the correct metadata. This minimizes the need to manually select metadata. Subgraph will also be able to provide you with correct metadata for their outputs or inputs.

Server Administration & UX [ See All | Hide All ]

Optimized Execution History tree for large numbers of jobs (10k+) Improvement Server CLO-2418 4.0.0-M1
Display of execution hierarchy is optimized for a huge number of executed jobs by presenting them in an easily-navigatable tree structure.
Added filtering of Executions History by sandbox Improvement Server CLO-3005 4.0.0-M1
Filter contents of Executions History also by sandbox.
Always show and expand nested jobs when searching for job by its run ID Improvement Server CLO-2550 4.0.0-M1
Automatically expand and show nested jobs when searching by run ID. This is useful for searching in large execution hierarchies.
Use syntax highlighting in Server Console Improvement Server CLO-2302 4.0.0-M1
Server Console uses syntax highlighting when displaying souce files, XML files, etc.
Display warning on startup if Java memory is low Improvement Server CLO-881 4.0.0-M1
Server will display a warning if the configured memory available to Java is low.

Features & Improvements [ See All | Hide All ]

Added graph Cleanup action to remove unused elements New CLO-2963 4.0.0-M1
The Cleanup action will find elements of graph that are not used in it, e.g. old forgotten metadata, connections etc. This is a useful tool for keeping your graphs clear and tidy.
Added filter to Palette for searching in components New CLO-2803 4.0.0-M1
Find components in Palette by searching by their name, description, etc.
Added MongoDB components to Community Designer Improvement CLO-2822 4.0.0-M1
Added JSONExtract component to Community Designer Improvement CLO-2822 4.0.0-M1
Added support for SSL client certificate in HttpConnector Improvement CLO-2598 4.0.0-M1
Added ability to export debug data to a CSV file Improvement CLO-1938 4.0.0-M1
Renamed EmailSender attribute "Use TLS" to "Use STARTTLS Improvement CLO-2829 4.0.0-M1
Simplified New ETL Graph wizard Improvement CLO-1670 4.0.0-M1
Added escapeURL function for ordinary strings, not just complete URLs Improvement CLO-398 4.0.0-M1
Removed Marquee tool from palette Improvement CLO-3181 4.0.0-M1
Added filename to UniversalDataReader log after error Improvement CLO-1752 4.0.0-M1

Compatibility [ See All | Hide All ]

CloverETL requires Java 7 Compatibility CLO-1055 4.0.0-M1
Upgraded versions of supported application containers of Server Compatibility CLO-3229 4.0.0-M1
Upgraded libraries that were in very old versions Compatibility CLO-2874 4.0.0-M1
Added support of MySQL 5.6 as Server configuration database Compatibility CLO-2718 4.0.0-M1
Sybase is no longer supported as Server configuration database Compatibility CLO-3188 4.0.0-M1
Deprecated components are now hidden Compatibility CLO-2974 4.0.0-M1
Removed old FactTableLoader wizard Compatibility CLO-2521 4.0.0-M1
CTL: fixed substring() inconsistency with 2 and 3 parameters Compatibility Fix CLO-3201 4.0.0-M1
CTL: split() now returns empty list if input is null Compatibility Fix CLO-3097 4.0.0-M1
CTL: indexOf() now accepts null values Compatibility Fix CLO-3094 4.0.0-M1
Fixed EmailReader propagating CC to all succeeding records Compatibility Fix CLO-2731 4.0.0-M1
Removed CTL compatibility check wizard Compatibility CLO-2894 4.0.0-M1