CloverETL 3.5.5 Production improvement and hotfix

This is a recommended update for all 3.5.x users, improving cluster job management and fixing some minor issues.

This release brings improved cluster job management, allowing faster detection of failed jobs. Plus, it fixes a few small issues in 3.5.x versions of CloverETL. For more detais, read below. For new functions and features, feel free to upgrade to CloverETL 4.0.

Released Feb 26, 2015
  • Production
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Improved handling of "running" jobs on cluster node that was lost Improvement CLO-5721 3.5.5

Fixes   [  See All  |  Hide All  ]

Fixed: FastSort was losing records for extremely small run size Fix CLO-5672 3.5.5
Fixed: URL dialog did not work for SFTP connection with certificate-based authentication Fix CLO-3577 3.5.5
Fixed: Readers were showing checkConfig warning for port protocol Fix CLO-5532 3.5.5
Fixed: Writers did not decode escape sequences in sandbox URLs Fix Compatibility CLO-5660 3.5.5