CloverETL 3.5.2 Production Bugfix

This is a recommended update for all 3.5.x users fixing minor bugs

This release also introduces a new optional feature IBM Infosphere Virtual MDM integration with CloverETL.

CloverETL 3.5.x brings a brand new Data Quality package, including a very useful Validator component. There are also a number of improvements on the Server front - usability and monitoring improvements come along with enhanced management of the Cluster, and there are some neat new perks for administrators as well.

Released Aug 22, 2014
  • Production
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ETL Developers (This item is most useful for developers; it either brings new functionality for transforming data or brings optimizations)

Administrators (This item is an improvement or feature that will help setup, install, administer and manage the application)

Support (This item helps staff supporting the production operation to identify potential problems or avoid such)

IBM Infosphere Virtual MDM integration [ See All | Hide All ]

Integrated IBM Virtual MDM components (former Initiate components). Delivered as a separate update site and ZIP file with engine plugin for server. New CLO-3769 3.5.2

Features & Improvements [ See All | Hide All ]

Improved implementation of cluster asynchronous reliable messaging Cluster Improvement CLO-4529 3.5.2
Updated JDK bundled with Designer installer to JDK version 1.7.0_51 Designer Compatibility CLO-4504 3.5.2
Started bundling JDK in Designer package for OS X (JDK version 1.7.0_51) Max OSX Compatibility CLO-4004 3.5.2
DBOutputTable support for “RETURNING” in PostgreSQL (as of 8.2) Improvement CLO-2887 3.5.2

Fixes [ See All | Hide All ]

Fixed Archivator task deleting server instance run history incorrectly Server Fix CLO-4471 3.5.2
Fixed: The word "where" in an SQL comment used in Dynamic metadata query was incorrectly interpreted as part of the query Fix CLO-4238 3.5.2
Fixed: SystemExecute was closing error file descriptor during execution Fix CLO-4085 3.5.2
Fixed: Launch Service couldn't use Compiled mode unless “Save run record” was enabled Server Fix CLO-3899 3.5.2
Fixed: DBLookupTable had incorrectly synchronized activeLookups variable Fix CLO-3895 3.5.2
Fixed: AddressDoctor was missing “RangesToExpand” and “FlexibleRangeExpansion” attributes Fix CLO-3894 3.5.2
Fixed: dash ("-") was passing through isNumber function as a number Compatibility Fix CLO-3856 3.5.2
Fixed: Designer was freezing when parameter files were linked in “wrong” order – now it works for any order Fix CLO-3697 3.5.2
Fixed SpreadsheetDataWriter dictionary streaming mode was not working Fix CLO-3278 3.5.2
Fixed: attempt to connect to Microsoft Access (via Designer) killed the whole server Server Fix CLO-2707 3.5.2
Fixed: StackOverflowException causing EULA not being displayed in Help>License Manager Fix CLO-3843 3.5.2