CloverETL 3.5.1

It's a new year and with it comes a new production version of CloverETL! We've put together and tested features and improvements from the previous two milestones, and have also added quite a bit on top of that.

CloverETL 3.5 brings a brand new Data Quality package, including a very useful Validator component. There are also a number of improvements on the Server front - usability and monitoring improvements come along with enhanced management of the Cluster, and there are some neat new perks for administrators as well.

Released May 6, 2014
  • Production
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ETL Developers (This item is most useful for developers; it either brings new functionality for transforming data or brings optimizations)

Administrators (This item is an improvement or feature that will help setup, install, administer and manage the application)

Support (This item helps staff supporting the production operation to identify potential problems or avoid such)

AddressDoctor integration [ See All | Hide All ]

Added support for CAMEO data in AddressDoctor News CLO-3105 3.5.1
Added "MaxItemCount" for address elements standardization in AddressDoctor New CLO-3108 3.5.1
Additional options for AddressDoctor configuration: EnrichmentGeoCodingType , MaxResultCount, ElementAbbreviation and StandardizeInvalidAddresses settings have been added, PRESERVE_INPUT option also added to PreferredLanguage and PreferredScript. New CLO-3377 3.5.1
AddressDoctor missing attributes on output Fix CLO-3163 3.5.1
Removed some of the irrelevant AddressDoctor options in the Parameters config Improvement CLO-3162 3.5.1

Features & Improvements [ See All | Hide All ]

View data dialog: 'Truncate strings and byte arrays' setting is now remembered Improvement CLO-3379 3.5.1
When parsing deprecated format of parameter file (.prm from versions prior to 3.5), invalid lines are now ignored Compatibility Fix CLO-3338 3.5.1
Inline CTL code (`some code`) can now be used inside DB password field Compatibility New CLO-3454 3.5.1

Fixes [ See All | Hide All ]

Fixed Database Browser leaving JDBC connections open Fix CLO-3596 3.5.1
Fixed performance of SimpleGather Fix CLO-3538 3.5.1
Fixed executeGraph not propagating the nodeID attribute properly, so the load-balancer decision was applied for the execution Cluster Fix CLO-3461 3.5.1
Fixed NullPointerException when attempting to run a graph that uses a secured parameter inside an unsecured parameter Fix CLO-3455 3.5.1
Fixed sometimes incorrect navigation from Execution History to Sandboxes using the sandbox icon Server Fix CLO-3378 3.5.1
Parameters in obsolete format (created prior to CloverETL 3.5) are now converted every time such parameters/or graph are saved Compatibility New CLO-3257 3.5.1
Server users with an underscore in their names could not create Server projects from Designer Server Fix CLO-3240 3.5.1
Fixed debug files being always created when running graph via RunGraph Fix CLO-3171 3.5.1
Better error message when XMLWriter mapping dialog can't be opened (e.g. because of a missing field) Improvement CLO-3037 3.5.1
Fix: DB Connection dialog - after selecting a different connection, values remain the same. Mac OS Fix CLO-3024 3.5.1
Passwords are masked in component tooltips showing component's parameters Improvement CLO-3011 3.5.1
Launch Services test page: fixed Test buttons and back navigation Server Fix CLO-3009 3.5.1
Leftover temp files are now properly removed when uploading large files via designer-server integration Designer-Server Fix CLO-2996 3.5.1
SpreadsheetDataReader: Fixed handling of null rows when using horizontal mapping and in-memory read mode. (component ending in an infinite loop) Fix CLO-2983 3.5.1
XMLWriter: Fixed NullPointerException when more sorting keys are specified than actually used Fix CLO-2924 3.5.1
Fixed invalid placeholders in "graph finished" email template Server Fix CLO-2846 3.5.1
Fixed Pivot component producing wrong data for string keys Fix CLO-2798 3.5.1
Fixed hidden menus contributing to an Invalid Menu Extension when opening graph Fix CLO-1561 3.5.1
Fixed "Export graph to HTML" when complete project is select - images being created mutliple times, errors, etc. Fix CLO-3611 3.5.1
Fixed HP Vertica DB connection failing to execute meta-function Fix CLO-3287 3.5.1
Fixed DBExecute not reporting errors properly when ErrCode and ErrText are present with auto-filling. Fix CLO-3075 3.5.1
Fixed how server determines "user.home" property: e.g. Weblogic on Windows Server Fix CLO-2851 3.5.1
CTL2: function removeNonPrintable() incorrectly removes also all non-ASCII characters (unicode) on Java 6 - see details for more info Fix CLO-1814 3.5.1