Production vs. Milestone:
Which One is For Me?

CloverETL is now developed in two parallel tracks to allow for both continued product stability and a quick availability of new features. Thus, the software packages are “split” in this way: into production and milestone tracks. With the production track, users can maintain their operations, while the milestone track helps users get a head start on new feature implementation and testing in their IT operations.

Not sure which one to select? Consult the information below to understand some of the important differences.

Production Track

  • Should be selected for production environments where the stability is your main priority.
  • New milestone features will not be available to these users until the next production version.
  • There are two major production releases a year. Bug fix releases occur on an as-needed basis.

Milestone Track

  • Should be used if availability of new features is your priority. No need to wait for a production release to begin testing new feature implementation into operations.
  • Each milestone is focused on introducing a new major feature.
  • Though we carefully QA all new features, milestone versions may not be fully bug free.
  • There is one milestone release approximately every two months.

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A milestone release always contains features that are not present in the current production release. Therefore, a milestone release number is always higher than a production one. A version with a milestone release is distinguished by a trailing M and a milestone number. For example, milestones look like this: 3.3.0-M1 and production like this: 3.2.0.

Production and Milestone Tracks