Open Source & Community Edition

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Open Source Engine OEM Program Community Edition Commercial Editions
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Open Source License (LGPL)
Access to advanced and Enterprise components ?
Can I use it for my internal purposes without restriction ?
Embed within my own product and resell at no charge ?
Can I get CloverCARE support & maintenance ?
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Product indemnification ?

CloverETL Open Source Engine

All of our Clover Editions are built on our Open Source Engine. The engine is a Java library and does not come with any User Interface components such as a Graph Designer. The developer / embedding application is responsible for managing graphs rather than using the Clover Designer or Server UI. However, your application does have access to most of powerful data transformation and ETL features that Clover uses throughout its own product range.

The CloverETL Open Source Engine can be embedded in any application, commercial ones as well. The Open Source Engine does not contain a number of components that the full engine contains. We do not provide support for the Open Source Engine

Community Edition

Free to use Designer

Community Edition offers a visual tool with basic data transformation capabilities to the general community at no cost. It permits execution of data transformations at full speed but it includes a fairly limited set of transformation components. CloverCARE support plan is not available although you can get help from the forum.

45-day Full Trial

Evaluate the full package

With the trial option you get a fully functional CloverETL Designer with access to CloverETL Server Public Demo. The trial license gives you a much larger set of features than the Community Edition for the 45-day trial period. You can also use our dedicated CloverCARE Evaluation Support

OEM Partnership

Working together

If you are a solution provider for Business Intelligence, Master Data Management or any other data dependent, you can greatly benefit from implementing the CloverETL OEM Foundation which gives you an industry-standard data integration layer as part of your offering.