Data Migration

Moving data your way


Moving data is part of the business dynamics of today's world. Whether you're upgrading to a new internal HR system, merging data from a partnered company, or simply exporting data to a cheaper and more efficient database, data migration is an essential part of the IT operation.

CloverETL offers the following to help with your data migration project:

  • A rich list of connectors to many different data sources
  • A graphical interface environment to design your data migration transformations
  • The powerful Clover Transformation Language (CTL) for expressing even the most complex business logic (also languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python and others might be used)
  • A set of data quality tools (e.g. Data Profiler, metadata filtering, Address Doctor, etc.) to help you filter data as well as discover and fix data errors
  • Automation tools to facilitate complex job executions and triggering

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