Data Integration

Providing end-to-end solution

At the enterprise level, providing transparency creates the need to share information. In return, organizations are better positioned, enjoy a better overview, and are able to run a leaner operation.

Data Sources
  • CloverETL is capable of connecting and communicating with various data sources through different communication protocols
  • Structured and unstructured data are both equally supported
  • BLOBs may be manipulated alongside regular data
  • Data transformations can be designed and controlled in a graphical interface where they can be easily maintained and updated
  • Operations with files and other housekeeping can be managed as part of the transformation preparation
  • Our open-source platform provides technical transparency and gives you great extendibility
  • Define ETL logics visually and group repeatable process in a graph for higher efficiency
  • Data transformations may be executed based on schedule or events
  • Status of running processes is reported and logs managed
  • Event listeners for cases like job failure, time-out and others may be defined

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