Connectivity – Formats & Protocols

A wide selection of data sources

Imagine trying to link up Microsoft Excel data from your sales department with your Oracle Financial data and customer details in your CRM system...

With the CloverETL Designer, you can smoothly join data to create account reports or feed it into your data warehouse.

We offer data connectors to all popular data storages and formats for both import and export. CloverETL handles structured and unstructured data equally well, as well as BLOBs.

Data Storage
  • Databases
    Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Informix, Sybase, HIVE, dBase/FoxPro, Lotus Domino, QuickBase
  • Remote Protocols
  • Other Protocols
    JMS – Message queues, Hadoop HDFS, Console STDIN/STDOUT
  • Structured Data
    Database table, Spreadsheet, JSON, XML, CSV, Fix-length, Cobol, Multi-level-format (EDI, HL7, ...)
  • Semi- & Unstructured Data
    LDAP, Email, JavaBean, BLOB
Extending Connectivity

CloverETL is extensible by custom connectors which can handle less common or even special proprietary transfer protocols or data formats.

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