Complex Projects

No job is too complex

Imagine a proposal to consolidate all internal data from various databases into a data warehouse on a continual basis. Or a request to synchronize tracking details with 3rd-party supplier updates in real time.

CloverETL supports both single- and multiple user modes. For small projects, you may start with the CloverETL Designer with a local project stored on your personal computer.

Once you start working on something more complex, you can stay within the familiar Designer environment but switch to a Server hosted project. On the Server, multiple developers can cooperate and share metadata and snippets of logic. Any resource visible only to the Server (e.g. due to firewall restrictions) can be proxied so that you can work with it from within the Designer.

Cooperation & Reusability

CloverETL allows any metadata to be shared among multiple transformation designs, environments, and developers. By creating so-called external definitions of record metadata, lookups, database connections and others, you allow these resources to be linked by multiple transformation graphs, achieving reusability of work.

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