Big Data

Connecting with the next big thing

Big Data technology has been making headlines everywhere. And it's projected to grow even more rapidly in the next few years. The promise of Big Data stems from unlimited storage volume to process a variety of data to faster analytic processing. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

CloverETL offers a number of key features related to Big Data to simplify your integration with Hadoop, whether you are simply exploring or ready to run Big Data-related analytics.


We have added Hadoop features into our products. This simplifies the connectivity to Hadoop with the rest of our data connectors and makes all of our existing functionality available to Big Data.

UniversalDataReader—Now enabled to read data and files stored on HDFS
UniversalDataWriter—Now enabled to write data and files to HDFS
HDFSReader—Reads key-value sequences from Hadoop HDFS Sequence File as a result of MapReduce
HDFSWriter—Writes key-value sequences to Hadoop HDFS Sequence File in preparation of MapReduce
DBExecute—Capable of sending database commands, including table operations and file-to-data conversions, to Hadoop HIVE DB

Connecting to Big Data is simple in CloverETL. Use the Hadoop related components just like any others in our Designer, and simply connect it as a data source or data depository.

Open Source

Both CloverETL and Hadoop embrace the open-source concept and continue to enjoy contributions from the tech community around the world.


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