Automation & Orchestration

Operate in a hassle-free environment

Automation makes life easier in an IT environment, especially in managing large-scale ETL operations.

With the CloverETL Server, we give you the tools necessary to automate as much as possible in running data processing:


Scheduling of jobs/tasks can be done either one time or on a periodic basis

Further options are available for periodic scheduling, either by time intervals or by a timetable

Scheduled tasks can range from starting a graph, executing a shell command, sending an email, dispatching a message, and more

Workflow Management
  • Set up a high-level workflow process in combination with ETL graphs to have a better overview of the overall transformation
  • Insert business logic and control using Jobflow components
  • Prepare file locations and availabilities according to your business and IT environment
  • Establish data exception rules and manage data errors
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There are many types of events that may arise during processing of data.

Internal events include finishing of a graph execution, timer, etc.

External events signal message arrivals, file appearances, or others

Individual events might be reacted to and the type of reaction can be specific to where or how the event was triggered.

Type of Listeners
  • Jobflow—Perform a series of tasks based on events related to jobflows
  • Graph—Perform a series of tasks based on events related to ETL graphs
  • File—Monitor a file location based on set time and perform follow-up tasks
  • JMS Messages—Based on JMS messages to perform a series of tasks
  • Universal—Based on a defined time interval to perform a series of tasks

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