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Community Designer Server Standard Server Corporate Cluster

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Community Designer Server
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Core features
Ability to run graphs on a PC/Mac/Linux desktop
Hadoop integration/HDFS support
Full set of transformation components
Debugging support
Reusable shared resources
Advanced Excel and Web Services connectors
CloverCARE Support
Supports Client / Server mode
Data Quality package
Max CPU cores - 8 16 32+
Secure parameters
Allows to encrypt selected parameters so you don't have to worry about sensitive credentials being openly visible. Encrypted parameters keep their values in cipher form, so anyone without a key cannot read them. CloverETL transparently handles the decrypting of such values when needed.
Tracking of execution history
Server automatically collects transformation logs and runtime statistics. Both logs and statistics are easily accessible for email distribution or trend monitoring strategies.
Parallel execution of multiple transformations
Any number of transformations can run simultaneously. Additionally supports starting multiple instances of one transformation with configurable maximum.
Real-time capabilities - transformation graphs pooling
Minimizes start-up time of transformations during real-time ETL calls by caching and pooling the transformations. Sub-sequent runs of cached transformations are much faster.
Multi-user access/security
Access to transformations, data, services and server configuration is protected by user security module. Communication between Server and its clients can be optionally secured by HTTPS protocol.
Internal scheduler lets you schedule transformations to run once or periodically on specific times. It supports advanced scheduling expressions similar to those provided by UNIX cron scheduler.
Jobflows - a workflow management module
Workflows simplify deployment of Server into operational environment and integration with you production support architecture. Server workflows allow sequencing jobs of several types: transformations, system scripts/batches, JMS messages, emailing tasks or internal Groovy scripts
File triggers/Message triggers
File triggers help to easily implement scenarios, where data is uploaded for ETL processing in form of files. Server can automatically observe change or arrival of a file then automatically trigger its processing. Message triggers allow to triger pre-defined action (e.g. execute graph) upon receiving a message through observed message queue. Ideal for Enterprise Service Buse (ESB) and similar deployments.
Launch services (publish transformation as Web Service)
Launch Services provide infrastructure for SOA-oriented and real-time ETL deployments. Transformations can be configured to be executed as web-services, while data and parameters are passed dynamically as part of the web-service call.
Distributed execution / Big Data
Server clustering enables cooperation of multiple Server machines in a networked environment which brings both fail-over and scalability. It is also suitable for cloud deployments on public clouds (EC2, Rackspace, …) as well as in-house data centers.
Load balancing
Configurable load balancing rules together with automated performance monitoring lets you tune utilization of individual nodes operating in clustered environment.
Cluster performs automatic healthcheck monitoring of all nodes in cluster and in case of node failure redirects processing to remaining active nodes.
New nodes can be dynamically added to a running cluster on demand. Suitable for operational environment such as Amazon EC2 that allow dynamic allocation of computational resources.
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