CloverETL Server

Enterprise Runtime and Monitoring Platform for Data Integration

Basic Server

Full package

Corporate Server


Basic runtime platform with scheduling and user management

A complete data integration platform with workflows orchestration, automation and API integration

Scale out to multi-node parallel processing + failover

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Max. CPU cores

4 cores 16 cores 32+ cores

Max. number of nodes for parallel processing

No 1 2+ nodes

Time-based scheduling

Schedule one-time or repeated tasks with one second precision using a cron-like scheduler.

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Parallel execution of transformations

Any number of transformation can run simultaneously. You can configure maximum number of instances per job.

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Multi-user access

Jobs, data and configuration can be granted access to users based on a granular role-based permission scheme.

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Workflows orchestration

Ability to design, execute and monitor complex jobflows. Adds a universal layer for automation and orchestration of prerequisite tasks such as file operations, resource provisioning or automated error handling and recovery. Jobflows are a fully-featured visual replacement for scripts or external workflow managers.
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Publish transformations as Web Services

CloverETL can act as an API service hub for your data transformations. Publish data jobs as Web Services, pass parameters and fetch back results using REST/SOAP.

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Data Partitioning

Greatly reduce processing times by running multiple instances of inherently slow operations (such as Web Service calls) in parallel on a single machine within a single transformation.
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File/Message/Event listeners

Watch "hot" folders, local or remote (S3, FTP, Samba,...) and react to file uploads or changes by running a predefined task. Also availble for messages from event queues (JMS, ...) and custom-coded triggers.

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Load Balancing

Configurable load balancing together with automated performance monitoring lets you fine-tune utilization of individual Cluster nodes.

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Data Partitioning on multiple nodes

Split processing of a single data transformation onto multiple nodes to increase throughput. Cluster automatically selects nodes based on locality of data and resources.

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New nodes can be dynamically added to a running cluster on demand. Suitable for operational environment such as Amazon EC2 that allow dynamic allocation of computational.

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Cluster performs automatic healthcheck monitoring of all nodes in cluster and in case of node failure redirects processing to remaining active nodes.resources.

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CloverETL Designer

Visual studio

Single Seat

$ 5,000

Visual studio for developing and debugging data transformations and jobflows

Number of active licenses

Design, execute and debug standalone or on Server

1 seat

Design & Debug data transformations

Design, execute and debug standalone or on Server


Design & Debug jobflows

Design, execute and debug jobflows on Server
Requires Server Corporate or Cluster


Supported platforms

Windows / Mac / Linux

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Training Packages

Our training sessions include best practices guidelines with proven solutions. Offers hands-on experience and Q&A learning environment. Students receive certification post-training.

On-site Standard Training

$ 8,000 / 3 Days

Class up to 8 people

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Covers basic concepts, reading/writing files and databases. Developing, debugging and optimizing transformations and jobflows.

On-site Advanced Training

$ 6,000 / 2 Days

Class up to 8 people

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Enhances standard training with Server deployment, advanced data sources & target (WebServices, XML, JSON). Advanced optimization techniques.

On-site trainings are held on your premises at the time of your choice. Trainer's travel expenses are not included.

CloverETL Office Standard Training

$ 1,295 / 3 Days

Limited capacity

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Covers basic concepts, reading/writing files and databases. Developing, debugging and optimizing transformations and jobflows.

These trainings are currently available in limited capacity at selected venues. Please enquire for a training nearest to you.