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Hatfield, United Kingdom

Flexibility and the learning curve are some of the things I really liked about Clover.

A Powerful Tool for a Small Team

The digital insights team is small, and the amount of digital data is colossal. They couldn’t afford to waste resources by outsourcing their data. On the other hand, programming tedious, time-consuming PHP scripts was not an option, either. To deal with their data in a cost-effective way, they needed a software that was agile, and with a lightweight footprint. CloverETL fit the bill perfectly. Using Clover, it took Dwayne’s team one month, for what would normally take at least six.


CloverETL appealed mainly due to its flexibility and ease-of-use, fitting well within their budgetary requirements. Plus, it made it easier for their team to jump in, and started integrating right away. On top of that, Javlin’s expert-trained support staff also meshed well with Dwayne and his team.

The full customer story

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EE UK is the largest telecommunication company in the UK, offering mobile and internet services to almost 28 million users. Formed in 2010 in Hatfield, UK, through a merger of T-Mobile and Orange brands, EE was the first UK brand to offer 4G network access, and is dedicated to offering the best network and service within Britain.

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Proven Solutions

Master Data Management
A major MDM vendor uses CloverETL for data ingest
CloverETL has been a powerful data integration software core enabling quicker project implementation and faster performance. We liked its low cost buy-in and the customization support we get.

A customer needed an ETL tool to embed into their Master Data Management suite as a means of getting data into their core MDM engine. CloverETL, part of the software suite, enables all users, not only developers, to create additional data feeds into the system without having to code. Additionally, the embedded Clover part comes augmented with additional wizards and tools specific for their typical customers.

Ease of use and efficiency is what draws many companies in
We were amazed to find that it only took thirty seconds transform data from our legacy system to the website using CloverETL, compared to three hours it took before using our home-built scripts.

A Canadian customer selected CloverETL to manage a major element of its e-shop data management.

CloverETL addresses many of the challenges faced by growing IT operations. CloverETL can connect to and parse data from many sources, such as reading and writing to Lotus Domino. It is often just the right package in terms of price and runtime production sizing for customers.

Data Consulting
In the Latin American data consulting market, CloverETL supports a strong OEM partner
We chose CloverETL because it's perfect fit for us as we craft solutions in data. Customers now want a combination of best-of-breed ETL to drive and work with other data tools. Clover brings out the best in what we offer, fitting our strategies in address validation, data cleansing, and data profiling.

This particular partner provides software, consulting and implementation for CRM, Direct Marketing and Data Quality solutions. They chose CloverETL as a tool of choice for data migrations and transformations, because of its visual design approach and effective deployment.

Czech Republic
A mobile network operator migrated new customers data and consolidated CRM systems with CloverETL
The Clover team immediately took charge of the project. As soon as we gave them information about the problem, they started working on a solution.
—Migration Project Manager

A well-known mobile network operator acquired a regional competitor's landline and ISP customers. With this added customer base, customer information needed to be consolidated into the existing CRM, telephone, and ISP systems. All customer data and provided services had to be ingested, cleansed and merged into Clarify, a specialized telecom CRM system provided by Amdocs. Customer documents including contracts, invoices, and technical specifications were then linked to the customer record and migrated to Clarify. Both "welcome" and "service transfer" letters for post-service mailing were requested to notify customers. The new combined CRM data allowed for an easy to manage mailing operation. After the migration, the operator was able to create and distribute previously unavailable financial and technical reports.

United Kingdom
Overlapping frequency use by TV services and 4G networks required data experts to identify affected customers and to avoid further interference

Mobile operators opening 4G networks on the same frequency as existing Freeview services caused major inference. Because of this, the Telecommunications Regulator requested a solution to help identify and notify households that could potentially be affected. The implementation will take two years and will cover all of the United Kingdom.

Provided business logic was implemented and transferred into ETL transformations according to the customers' data model. Then, spatial and geographical data was extracted from master systems and stored in CSV files. Also, data de-duplication was applied to avoid duplicate mail communication. As the amount of input data increased from one to multiple file batches, automation and preparation of complex workflow were applied to speed up and simplify processing.

Migrating legacy procurement systems to the new SAM platform
The CloverETL consultant helped us greatly by quickly understanding the data structures and cooperating with our teams to define suitable solutions.
—Senior Architect

A US government independent agency worked with several integration providers, including Javlin, to implement the consolidation of several legacy procurement and vendor management systems onto the new System for Award Management (SAM) platform. CloverETL was originally selected as a platform for continuous integration of interfaces between SAM and various internal and external facing government systems. During the process, they decided CloverETL would play a much larger role in the project: for the migration of the legacy system data. Not only did Clover ease the burden on the development and operational teams, but it also successfully migrated mission critical data between the legacy systems and the newly operational SAM.

Czech Republic
Data anonymization for bank's testing purposes built on CloverETL
A low-cost bank is in the process of anonymizing production data so it can be used in systems testing. For the data to be testable, it must not only be anonymous, but also consistent across all of the bank systems. With the help of CloverETL, the data is correctly masked and then reduced to usable samples for testing. Keeping the data characteristics is a critical aspect of the effort.
CloverETL greatly improves payment processing
A leading payment software company originally created a custom-coded platform that processed a wide variety of file formats such as header/trailer, CSV, and XML. It was also loading and unloading high-volume loads to an Oracle database. Replacing their original hand-coded solution with CloverETL both reduced the cost and time of the solution implementation and greatly improved payment processing.
Fraud prevention processing backend for leading banks
CloverETL provided a complete processing backend program to standardize and enrich client data entering a fraud prevention solution provider. This fraud-preventative application included message-based preprocessing of query data as well as quarterly batch-based processing of client data from pre-dominant, big-named banks such as Bank of America, BB&T, JP Morgan, and more.

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