Tableau Conference on Tour 2015 - CloverETL’s partnership with Tableau continues

June 5, 2015

After CloverETL’s successful participation at Tableau events in 2014, our partnership with Tableau continues to develop and expand in 2015.

First up, the “Tableau Conference on Tour” in Berlin (TCOT Berlin), Radisson Blu Hotel, June 8 - 10 , 2015. You can find details about event here

Tableau Conference on Tour 2015 - Berlin complements our strategy of expanding to the german speaking markets. Also we would like to build on the momentum we gained recently, by closing the deal with Der Spiegel, international online news organization and publishing corporation. Spiegel chose CloverETL to manage their data integration needs. Read complete press release here.

As certified technical partner of Tableau, we’re excited to share our knowledge with you on how important data preparation is to work with Tableau analytics. We have already helped many companies, like EE in UK or Real World Retail to prepare their data and built reliable Tableau analytics over it.

We are looking forward to meet you and discuss your data integration challenges and needs.

See you in Berlin!

To learn more about CloverETL and Tableau, visit