Real World Retail Selects CloverETL for Tableau-Driven Analytics Platform

September 5, 2014

Real World's optimization of data integration with CloverETL to drive new Tableau data visualizations

McLean, VA, September 5th, 2014 – Real World Retail, a high-growth European Retail Decision Support firm, has chosen CloverETL to manage its data integration needs as it feeds multiple sources into their Microsoft Azure cloud platform with a Tableau-based visualization front-end.

“We looked at other data integration tools that worked with Tableau, but CloverETL stood out for its flexibility and ease of use – it’s not a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all solution,” said John Hogan, Co-Founder of Real World. “The combo of Clover and Tableau is perfect because we can adapt to any source in any format quickly to create compelling analytics. In addition, their track record with other customers using their software to replicate data from On-premise databases to Cloud Servers was very impressive.”

Real World Retail helps retailers and suppliers stay focused on what is important by putting everything at the retailer's fingertips in a visual, actionable and easy way.This optimizes inventory management, as well as solving problematic areas and maximizing opportunities not seen before.

Purely driven by data, the Real World stack of CloverETL-Tableau-Azure provides centralized access and meaningful interpretation of customer data. The CloverETL data integration role enables actionable insights for retailers and pharmacy dispensaries by managing dynamic sources of data.

“Real World is changing the way retailers manage analytics and insights,” said Peter Cresse, EVP of Sales for CloverETL. “ It’s a very cool cloud-driven decision support system for CEOs to get closer to their insights, actions, KPIs and data.”

About CloverETL® and Javlin

CloverETL is a rapid data integration platform optimized for both the OEM and direct software data business. With its lightweight footprint and flexibility, it can run as a standalone application or be embedded into wider solutions for Analytics, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Intelligence (BI), and many other applications. CloverETL is developed and supported by Javlin, a data solutions company with a long record of experience in providing data software and services to the largest global enterprises.

About Real World Retail

AReal World Retail is a new software service for retailers connecting existing systems to enable access to relevant data quickly and help to make timely business decisions.  The dashboards and reports are hosted in the Cloud and delivered to your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Real World Retail will install a connector for each of your data sources, such as your EPOS system, your accounting system, your stock control system, your time and attendance system and so on.  Once it is done, it doesn’t need to be done again.  Your data is condensed, refined, repackaged and presented back to you in a truly enlightening way that delivers typically a 10 times payback. See more at