Hadoop Big Data and Cluster - CloverETL 3.4.0-M1 Milestone Release

December 19, 2012

We proudly release the first milestone of CloverETL 3.4 for early adopters. There are a lot of features and enhancements planned for the production release due in Spring 2013. With this release, we focus on features in the CloverETL Cluster, distributed processing, and Big Data. The combination of the new Cluster features and Hadoop connectivity gives you a lot more power to solve your Big Data challenges. Also, we're finishing full integration of the Data Profiler to the CloverETL Server, now allowing you to share results via Profiler's Reporting Console and fully utilize Server built-in automation support.

CloverETL shifts to parallel data processing and Big Data

Hadoop Big Data

Smoothly use CloverETL to integrate data with Hadoop HDFS data storage and HIVE data warehouse.
Be it just for storage or archiving, or staging for a MapReduce job, CloverETL provides tools for data ingest and preprocessing to power your Hadoop-based analytics solutions.

Cluster control in your hands

Take precise control over parallel data flows – spread load for resource-intensive components, route data based on proximity of resources, dynamically change level of parallelism for execution.

Load balancing

Optimize data throughput by using automatic load balancing of data flows.

Data Profiler Reporting Console

Share and view Data Profiler reports in a web-based Reporting Console or use API for advanced integration. Trigger the Data Profiler using Jobflows or Server automation.

Usability improvements

We care about users who need a tool that not only does things right, but also makes your life easier. We continually add features and tweaks to do just that.

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