CloverETL Provides Continued Support for IBM InfoSphere MDM

June 30, 2014

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management users can now continue running MDM data flows on the CloverETL Server. Components for Member and Task-related interactions are available and fully-supported with standard CloverETL products.

Arlington, VA, June 30th 2014 – The CloverETL team announced today a new, forward looking solution for IBM InfoSphere MDM users. MDM Version 11.3 no longer contains an embedded CloverETL; however, users who wish to continue running MDM data flows with CloverETL can continue to do so with CloverETL Server software. For more information please visit:

Components Now Available

All dedicated components for MDM interactions (such as MemGet, MemPut, MemSearch, and TskGet) that were previously distributed only with embedded CloverETL version are now available and fully supported with the standard versions of CloverETL Designer and Server.

The availability of the components with standard CloverETL products means that users can now easily integrate MDM data into any data flows, e.g. data warehousing and analytical systems, and the enrichment of cloud or in-house CRM and ERP systems.

Using CloverETL Server Opens New Automation and Integration Options

Switching to the newest version of CloverETL brings MDM users additional benefits:

  • Connect MDM to new data sources and systems, including: cloud services (, Netsuite), social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn), and data warehousing systems (Hadoop, Hive, Amazon Redshift)

  • Utilize improved support for AddressDoctor postal address validation and enrichment

  • Design and orchestration of Jobflows for complex MDM data flows

  • Launch CloverETL’s Services feature to translate MDM data as RESTful web services to other systems

  • Monitor data flows that feed or provide MDM data using CloverETL’s Server Monitoring capabilities

  • Use additional data cleansing, profiling, and validation using CloverETL’s DataQuality extension

Solutions Help Desk and Licensing Options

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