CloverETL Guarantees Support for IBM InfoSphere MDM Users and Enhances Their Data Processing Possibilities

June 30, 2014

CloverETL Guarantees Support for IBM InfoSphere MDM Users and Enhances Their Data Processing Possibilities

With the release of IBM InfoSphere MDM v11.3, CloverETL Server automation is a stable, high performance opportunity to enrich MDM solutions

June 30th, 2014 – Arlington, VA – In the latest release of IBM InfoSphere MDM Workbench v11.3, embedded CloverETL functionality with specialized Master Data Management components will no longer be offered by IBM. To unify the platform, IBM will move forward with their proprietary tool DataStage, making transformations for feeding data into the MDM created in CloverETL incompatible. However, users who wish to continue running their MDM data flows with CloverETL can continue to do so with CloverETL Server software.

CloverETL assures full solution support, including backwards compatibility for companies maintaining production environments with previous versions of IBM InfoSphere. Additionally, all dedicated components for MDM interactions that were previously distributed only with the embedded CloverETL version are now available and fully supported with standard versions of CloverETL Designer and Server.

“At CloverETL, we pride ourselves on offering expert support to our customers. In these new MDM relationships, we guarantee quality moving forward,” said Michal Tomcanyi, CTO, CloverETL.

For customers interested in covering full end-to-end data integration needs in their MDM process, CloverETL Server adds complete support for IBM InfoSphere MDM. As users evaluate their options during this transition, they can elect CloverETL to enhance their overall MDM process with orchestration, scheduling, monitoring, and ESB-like automation. “With CloverETL Server, you won’t spend valuable time and effort manually handling data or building cumbersome DIY solutions,” said Tomcanyi.

CloverETL helps users maintain large-scale MDM operations over time, replacing repetitive manual updates with an efficient, automated process to ensure accurate access to data. Also, the availability of the components means users can now easily integrate the MDM data into any data flows, e.g. data warehousing and analytical systems, and enrichment of cloud or in-house CRM and ERP systems.

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About CloverETL® and Javlin

CloverETL is a rapid data integration platform optimized for both the OEM and direct software data business. With its lightweight footprint and flexibility it can run as a standalone application or be embedded into wider solutions for Analytics, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Intelligence (BI), and many other applications. CloverETL is developed and supported by Javlin, a data solutions company with a long record of experience in providing data software and services to the largest global enterprises.

About IBM Infosphere MDM

InfoSphere MDM, formerly Initiate Systems, manages master data for single or multiple domains – customers, patients, citizens, suppliers, locations, products, services offerings, accounts & more – for improving application & business process effectiveness.