CloverETL Forum Refreshed

February 20, 2015

Introducing a better search and a new look

This week, we made a major update to the CloverETL forum. We focused on the forum's inner workings, with the bulk of the update focused on the search feature, together with additional under-the-hood optimizations, as well as a fresh new design.

Search engine changes results in faster search, with better accuracy and relevance, while other tweaks helped to increase the speed of the forum. This, together with the new design, creates a better overall experience.

The CloverETL forum is an important resource for many CloverETL users, where they can find many hints and help with their data integration struggles. We currently have almost 6000 posts on the forum, with topics ranging from how-to guides, fixes for compatibility issues, advice for working with the server settings, and many more. Our support stuff is regularly present on the forums – you can receive any help you need there quickly.

Check out the new forum for yourself at

CloverETL forum – your first stop for data integration help