CloverETL 4.7 Milestone 2 Released

September 20, 2017

CloverETL 4.7 Milestone 2: Improvements to Data Services.

In this release we’ve made some improvements to the new Data Services feature introduced in 4.7 Milestone 1 that brings API-based data integration to CloverETL.

With Data Services you can publish a transformation graph as a REST API endpoint. That means you can create smart data sources or data targets that process data on the fly and make either data, or business logic or a combination of both, available to applications on-demand.

The Milestone 2 release features an improved editor for Data Service jobs, with input parameters now available on the Input component, and improved validation of those input parameters. We have also added support for a static file response, and visualization and monitoring of endpoint activity.

Learn more about the release in full 4.7 M2 release notes.

About this release: This is a milestone release that we publish as a preview of the upcoming CloverETL 4.7 version. You can expect the production-ready release in early October 2017.

Milestone versions are not recommended as a production upgrade. However, some clients successfully run applications using the milestone releases without trouble.