CloverETL 4.0.0-M2 released

August 12, 2014

Improved Subgraphs, Automatic Metadata Propagation and many more...

The latest milestone version of CloverETL is out! Building on the first milestone, this release further improves the subgraphs feature. Subgraphs allow you to encapsulate a piece of a data transformation and reuse it somewhere else or share with your teammates. This release brings subgraphs capability to standalone Designer, eliminating the need of the Server to run subgraphs. Additional usability enhancements polish the Designer UI of subgraphs making graphs easier to share by defining clear configuration interface.
Another feature called Automatic Metadata Propagation is very useful in conjunction with subgraphs, but can and will be used without subgraphs as well. The main change with automatic metadata propagation is that you don’t need to specify the metadata for each edge in a CloverETL graph.

Read complete release note here