CloverETL 4.0-Milestone 1 released!

April 21, 2014

We are proud to announce the first milestone of CloverETL 4.0. Transitioning to its 4.x line we're boosting productivity and collaboration to a whole new level.

This release brings a first-hand preview of two new major features: subgraphs and automatic metadata propagation.

Subgraphs allow you to wrap pieces of your transformations and re-use these as new components. Thus, you can share your work with teammates or create repeatable transformation "procedures". This reduces complex transformations into much higher level flows with steps that you can easily drill down into and see what's happening inside.

Automatic metadata propagation allows components (and subgraphs, obviously) to "radiate" it predefined metadata into the surrounding edges/components. This way you no longer have to set metadata explicitly for every edge - some edges will have metadata automatically assigned based on the new propagation mechanics. Good examples of this are predefined error metadata on some components, such as readers, or custom created sugraphs that define metadata themselves and propagate them to the parent transformation.

For more information about the new changes, go to our release notes here.