CloverETL 3.5.0-M2 - Keeping your Data Integration Healthy

October 31, 2013

We'd like to share more of our progress with you. Lately we've been working on something that will be a big part of our next production version of CloverETL, set for release at the end of the year.

In this CloverETL milestone, we're offering users a test-drive of a new package – CloverETL Data Quality. With CloverETL Data Quality, we've bundled time-proven tools and practices for data quality into a complete package that you can use to profile and check the quality of, and validate your data with clear visibility into each step as with well documented rules and outputs.

Release 3.5.0-M2 Contents

As usual, this release also brings additional tweaks and features. We've finalized a few of the improvement tracks that were started in the first milestone of 3.5 release. You'll find you have better insight into Server activity with improved Monitoring and simplified product deployment, such as simple license management, a bundled Server download package, and more granular import/export configuration options to migrate between Server instances.

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