CloverETL 3.3.0 Production Release is Now Available

October 23, 2012

This is the release you’ve been waiting for.

We are proud to announce that CloverETL 3.3.0, our latest production release, is out and ready for download! This release is a culmination of all the new features and fixes from the previous milestone releases, including a few minor additions and improvements, that brings new capabilities for orchestrating processes and workflows, much improved cloud connectivity, the integration of Data Profiler into the platform, and awesome Excel capabilities.

Over the past nine months, we’ve launched three milestone releases that form the basis of this major 3.3 enterprise release. While milestone releases are perfectly suitable for use, we recommend this latest enterprise release for production and critical deployments, especially for our big production customers. It comes with long-term support, bug fixes, and has been proven by the milestone community.

If there were ever a moment to take the time and energy to upgrade, the release of 3.3.0 is it.

Delve into our Latest 3.3.0 Release

Integrated workflow module – Jobflow

Remove the hassle of unmanageable shell scripting, external schedulers and third-party tools – bring everything into one unified environment with Jobflows. We bring a brand new concept that extends our platform with tools to automate and manage infrastructure work – like moving files, handling and reporting errors, monitoring, and more.

Web Services –, NetSuite, JSON, ...

With newly upgraded Web Services connectivity in CloverETL, you can now connect to in-house or cloud-based services such as, NetSuite, and many more! Treat Web Services as data storage or means for orchestration.

Data Profiler now part of Designer and Server

We’ve integrated our Data Profiler into the Designer and Server. Also, we’ve added a neat ProfilerProbe component that can be used to compute and process Data Profiler metrics on the fly.

We Love Excel Spreadsheets

Redesigned Excel support brings unparalleled control over reading and writing XLS/XLSX files. Read complex files with multiple row records, formatting, write into templates and more.


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