CloverETL 3.3.0-M3: Put data integration under one roof and reach to the clouds

September 5, 2012

The latest CloverETL 3.3 milestone 3 is a major addition and the last feature update before the enterprise CloverETL 3.3 major release.

Brand new concept extending our plaform with tools to automate and manage infrastructure work - like moving files, handling and reporting errors, monitoring, etc. It saves you time and effort by managing all of these inside CloverETL.
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Data Profiler integration
Speaking of putting everything under one roof, we integrated our Data Profiler into the Designer. Also, we added a neat ProfilerProbe component which can be used both on the desktop and on the Server to compute and process Data Profiler metrics on the fly.
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Cloud Web Services
Last but definitely not the least, we greatly improved our Web Services connectivity – which means better cloud and SOA integration.
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