CloverETL Continues Momentum in Data Integration for Education

November 10, 2010

University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg, Germany selects CloverETL for Information Integration Masters Course.

Prague -  The University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg, Germany has chosen CloverETL, a leading data integration platform, for their Information Integration Master Science course.   As the foundation for data integration and ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) topics of the information systems curriculum, students will use Clover to solve complex data integration challenges such as loading data warehouses, data cleansing and designing data transformation graphs.

CloverETL is in commercial use and more powerful than alternative academic prototypes addressing our complex information integration issues,” said Prof. Dr. Susanne Busse from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. “Furthermore, CloverETL is available also as an Eclipse plug-in that allows us to use our existing development environment.

Javlin President, David Pavlis said, “We never miss an opportunity to contribute to education and our growing academic community.  Future generations of software and data engineers will always be looking at doing things faster and better – and we are pleased they are starting with a flexible platform like Clover.”   This initiative represents one of Javlin’s core beliefs; to give back to the developer community and invest into the academic environment as a driving force in innovation.  Javlin supports many universities, with both commercial and open source solutions in Europe and the U.S.

About Javlin
Javlin is a premier provider of data integration software and solutions. Its leading software platform, CloverETL, provides users the ability to manage data solutions such as integration, migration, cleansing, audit, synchronization, consolidation, Master Data Management and Data Warehousing. CloverETL software is platform independent and scalable with a smooth upgrade path. It is also easily embeddable thanks to its small footprint. More than 2000 customers now use CloverETL worldwide. In addition to development of data integration products, Javlin offers software solutions, custom software development and data integration consulting services.
Jan Tichy
Marketing Manager, Javlin a.s.
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