CloverETL 3.2 Production Release Improves User Experience

December 20, 2011

Javlin’s new release of the data integration platform, CloverETL 3.2 is marked by a series of user experience improvements that increase both comfort of use and work efficiency for CloverETL users.

Washington D.C. - December 20, 2011 - Changes and additions include dynamic edge buffers, LDAP user management, more descriptive field labels, improvements to the transformation editor, as well as a new customer licensing method.

These improvements offer Clover users, respectively: support for larger data records; more efficient user management into current IT infrastructures; and better clarity in naming metadata fields, especially in complex data structures like HL7, EDI, Cobol. With the transformation editor improvements, users will spend less time performing manual tweaks when mapping input data on to output fields. Also, with the new simplified set-up for Cluster licensing, a license is now counted towards a shared CPU cores pool, with nodes grouped according to the users’ discretion.

“Discussions with our customers have played a big part in the development of CloverETL 3.2. The new features reflect what current users are looking for as they progress with their Clover projects,” said Javlin’s CTO Michal Tomcanyi of the new version.