Javlin Meets Data Integration Market Demand With Enhanced Connectivity and Data Formats in CloverETL 3.1

June 16, 2011

Javlin continues investment in data integration solutions with major release of CloverETL 3.1, providing enhanced connectivity, greater usability and support for complex data formats.

Prague, June 16, 2011 – Javlin today announced a new release of its CloverETL software, the industry’s fastest growing data integration platform. With investment in Clover 3.1, Javlin is outpacing the requirement for flexibility needed to manage a wide variety of data formats in an integrated enterprise environment. The enhanced version of CloverETL ("Clover 3.1") is now available.

"When interconnecting enterprise applications, one of Clover’s roles is to bridge between old and new data formats. Now, with Clover 3.1 we are introducing components and user interface enhancements that speed ingest of a variety of complex data using user-defined parsers," stated Michal Tomcanyi, Javlin’s CTO. "Consuming complex legacy data in telco, banking and health has always been tough to manage – with Clover 3.1, we just made it easier than ever."

Another new feature in Clover 3.1 is support for WebDAV and Amazon S3 data transport These simplify data exchange between CloverETL and integrated applications, both on-premise as well as in the cloud.

Clover 3.1 also provides significant enhancements to CloverETL’s XML capabilities. Many enterprise applications use some form of XML to exchange data; but the complexity and hierarchical nature of the XML can be a major challenge, especially with large data volumes. Clover 3.1 provides users with new XML data mapping capabilities, an XML Schema analyzer and a high-performance formatting engine that produces XML files with virtually no size restrictions.

Clover 3.1 also provides greater capability on the consumption of sparse data and semi-structured documents – a requirement common in modern MDM and BI solutions. Also, the new Lotus Notes connectors allow processing from the IBM business collaboration suite, while enhanced email components can ingest data and attachments from emails very easily.

Finally, the new release enhances CloverETL’s data quality capabilities with in-depth postal and email address validation. With the integration of Address Doctor, postal address parsing, cleansing and enrichment with information (e.g. such as geocoding and deliverability) is now assured. Further, email address validation, vital for sales CRM data cleansing, is achievable with Clover’s new validator.

"The bottom line is that instead of chasing the buzz words of the day, Javlin’s focus is to build flexible software that solves real customer challenges. Clover 3.1 is significant step in that direction," stated summarized Michal Tomcanyi.