Casenet Selects CloverETL Data Integration for Leading Healthcare Platform

December 21, 2010

TruCare platform relies on CloverETL as flexible data feed interface for large amounts of healthcare data

Reston, Virginia - Javlin announced today that Casenet, Inc. has chosen the CloverETL data integration platform for TruCare, Casenet’s innovative care management software designed for healthcare management. TruCare empowers health providers by dramatic productivity improvement and reduces tedious administration in case, disease, and utilization management.

CloverETL’s value as a flexible and embeddable OEM solution fits extremely well for the TruCare application for large volumes of data in healthcare; in this case, CloverETL was required as a data feed interface.  Marek Vesely, Casenet’s CTO said: “TruCare is a Java-based application and we were looking for an ETL OEM software with an easy-to-use Java interface because it allowed us to develop solutions using an Eclipse IDE.   CloverETL really fit well because it scales so easily and offered the best ROI.  After deep testing and proof of concept, CloverETL met all our requirements and came out on top.”

Peter Cresse, EVP, Sales for Javlin added, “What Casenet is doing with TruCare is remarkable because it is transforming how health providers work every day, as well as offering better care to patients.  We are pleased to be behind the scenes with our CloverETL OEM program for the massive amount of data integration needed.  TruCare represents the future of healthcare, but provided today - it’s important for us to be a part of this data approach for many years to come.”

About Casenet
Casenet, Inc.’s innovative care management software, TruCare™ is revolutionizing healthcare. The entire healthcare continuum from Wellness and Population Management through member self-directed care is coordinated with highly configurable, member-centric Case, Disease and Utilization Management software. TruCare empowers clinicians and improves productivity by reducing administrative challenges with unique workflow management tools.

About Javlin
Javlin is a premier provider of data integration software and solutions. Its leading software platform, CloverETL, provides users the ability to manage data solutions such as integration, migration, cleansing, audit, synchronization, consolidation, Master Data Management and Data Warehousing. CloverETL software is platform independent and scalable with a smooth upgrade path. It is also easily embeddable thanks to its small footprint. The CloverETL OEM foundation program also provides a way to embed ETL in applications.  In addition to development of data integration products, Javlin offers software solutions, custom software development and data integration consulting services.

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