Public Beta Opens Soon for New CloverETL Product for Data Profiling

September 30, 2011

We are eager to announce the launch of a new tool in the CloverETL family! The CloverETL Profiler, software for data profiling, works to examine data in existing data sources and collecting statistical information about said data.

Data Profiling

As a data profiling tool, CloverETL Profiler is part of the broader data integration process. Typically it is used during the initial phase of data integration before any data transformation tasks are started. It assesses the current condition of the data itself, including its quality and consistency.

Beta Testing

CloverETL Profiler public beta testing will begin in late October, but you can register for it now. For us, the test period allows us to see how the product works in real world conditions, with users testing their actual data. We encourage everyone to take part! It’s a great way to get a first-look at the new product and your feedback on the experience will help us to improve it for future users.

If you want to participate in the beta testing for CloverETL Profiler, please register!

Register for Beta-Testing