Podcast: Javlin Interview by Claudia Imhoff, Top Business Intelligence Analyst

April 29, 2011

The Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) recently hosted Javlin for an overview of Javlin’s strategy and investment in data integration. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts and experts who attend presentations from interesting and innovative BI vendors. Javlin’s two top executives, Peter Cresse, EVP Sales and Michal Tomcanyi, CTO presented to BBBT and shared ideas on the Javlin’s ideas and described how its software platform, CloverETL is moving to the next phase of data integration value.

CloverETL has grown from an open-source ETL tool to an enterprise product suite for data integration. CloverETL is currently addressing the data management market with two main messages:

  • CloverETL’s OEM Foundation Program is a cornerstone of many Master Data Management, Business Intelligence and other broader data solutions.
  • We are now seeing a need for affordable data integration tools on the market. The CloverETL platform provides this at a fraction of cost of traditional data integration software with excellent price/performance.

To learn more about Javlin and the CloverETL approach to the current data integration market, listen to the podcast with Peter Cresse and Michal Tomcanyi, interviewed by Claudia Imhoff, a Founder and President of Intelligent Solutions and founder of BBBT.

Listen to the podcast →