Executive Breakfast Briefing on Data Integration

November 4, 2010

Data Integration – What the Experts Are Saying
Executive Breakfast Briefing
Friday, November 19th 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Tower Club, Vienna, Virginia

The volume and complexity of data are growing faster than solutions that manage the enterprise systems today. Data integration – as a bridge between databases and applications – represents the best place for agencies to get started. This panel addresses the challenges that federal agencies face as they move ahead with their plans.
Beyond “ETL,” (Extract-Transform-Load), the process of data integration meets challenges in areas such as Master Data Management, Synchronization, Migration and Warehousing, to name a few. Further, as cloud computing gains momentum, load balancing and clustering become greater factors. Finally, XML architectures, like NIEM for example, are very important for the future of government collaboration and transparency.
Getting this area right, really thinking through how to best get ready to manage and integrate data, will be a cornerstone for future data systems. The conversation starts here.

Peter Cresse, EVP, Javlin Inc.
Michael Daconta, CTO, AIM
Event Agenda
7:30 am Breakfast served
8:15 am Panel discussion
9:15 am Q & A
9:30 am Networking
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