CloverETL Release 3.0.2

March 31, 2011

CloverETL 3.0.2 is now available! Please sign in to your account to download the most current version of CloverETL Designer and Server.

CloverETL Designer & Engine Changelog

  • CTL2: Lists and maps of records are now possible.
    • Now you can use list of records and maps of records in your code.
    • Example:
      				// lists
      MyDataRecord[] myList;
      MyDataRecord a;
      MyDataRecord b;
      myList[2] = a;
      b = myList[2];
      // maps
      map[string, MyDataRecord] myMap;
      myMap["hello"] = a;
    • (For maps, only values can be records)
  • XMLExtract now distinguishes between null and empty strings
    • When reading XML files with XML Extract, you can encouter the need to know whether an element or attribute is present in the source or just has an empty value.
    • XMLExtract now sets either "null" value whenever the element/attribute is omitted or empty value ("") when the element/attribute is present but without a value
  • Aggregate: avg() and sum() aggregate functions now perform integer overflow check
    • Now you can easily see whether the aggration function produce the integer overflow and thus you're not getting the right results.
  • Fix: DataIntersection correctly reports unsorted input now
    • DataIntersection now stops immediately when it sees the input is not sorted properly ensuring data integrity.
  • UniversalDataReader & Writer now support "Quote character" attribute for specifying
    • Quoting support in readers/writers has been around for long time but now you can even specify the quoting character. In previous CloverETL versions there has been built-in quote defined as either `'` or `"` (quote or double quote). Now we present more fine-grained setting where the quote character can be defined.

CloverETL Server Changelog

  • Upgraded facelets lib from 1.1.14 to jsf-facelets-1.1.15.B1.jar because of the JBoss 6.0.0