CloverETL Release 2.9.3

June 15, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic— June 3, 2010 — Javlin, a leading provider of ETL and data integration solutions, announced today the release of CloverETL version 2.9.3. The CloverETL version 2.9.3 brings the following changes:

  • RunGraph component
  • Special characters in external transformations are no longer expanded
  • InfobrightDataWriter
About Javlin Inc.

Javlin Inc. is a leading global provider of software for data processing and its solutions. With CloverETL users can process data for integration, migration, cleansing, audit, synchronization, consolidation, MDM and Data Warehousing. Javlin started developing Clover ETL in 2002, and released it to the market in 2005. Javlin’s straightforward products are application, platform and database independent and the original development team is still in place working to make data integration simpler for customers and partners. Javlin offers software solutions as well as consulting services. More than 2000 customers now use CloverETL.